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Services We Offer

Let us create the perfect picture for you! At Allongé Films, we are more than incredible filmmakers and photographers, we are also dancers! We understand the nuance of capturing dance for the screen and make sure you and your dancers look your technical best. Let us know how we can make your dream a reality!

Visit our CONTACT US page to submit a quote inquiry and we'll get right back to you!



We offer complete filming, editing, & production of full length shows, recitals, performances. Create a custom package a-la-carte with the following options:

  • Multiple camera shots with gimbal (moving camera) work

  • Multiple still camera shots at different angles

  • Front shot only for archival footage

  • Assistance with look and direction of show/shoot

  • Livestream performance options

  • Download or flash drive transfer of files

  • Footage reel of individual students from performance footage

  • Creation of "Trailer" or "Sneak Peek" for promotional material

  • Option to combine with photo packages to get production photos at the same time



We offer several photography options that can be combined with film options for a two-birds-one-stone approach, or can be scheduled as their own event! 

  • Picture Day for Studios or Companies (dance shots, class photos, headshots, etc​)

  • On-Stage Shoots

  • Outdoor Shoots

  • Studio Shoots

  • Audition Photos

  • Production Photos

  • Behind the Scenes Photos


Audition Package

The package for the student or professional looking to make a strong impact in their career! Whether it be for colleges, universities, summer programs, or professional jobs we can create the perfect package fit for you! We have options for shoot only or coaching/choreography included.

  • Dance shots, class photos, & headshots

  • Creation of individual footage reels

  • Individual coaching from industry professionals

  • Setting and cleaning choreography

  • Individual shoots for reels covering multiple disciplines


Branding & Marketing

Got a great performance, but need help generating an audience? We can help! Create a branding & marketing package from the menu below to get the word out!

  • Rehearsal photography/videography

  • Poster design

  • Trailers and promotional videos

  • Creation of Social Media platforms

  • Overall branding advice

  • Help with ticketing platforms

  • Press release and exposure


Passion Projects

Are you a creative looking to finally physicalize that film/photo project of your dreams? We're here to help! We can offer any of our above

a-la-carte options to make your dream a reality!

  • Photo shoots in studio or outdoors 

  • Filming and production of live projects 

  • Music Videos

  • Show trailers 

  • Anything else you can come up with! 

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